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SPOT.PH: Titas, This Picturesque Garden Restaurant Is Your Next Tagaytay Hangout

By Mia Rodriguez | May 19, 2023


My Country House 115 Pulong Sagingan Street, Barangay Maitim, 2nd West, Tagaytay City Contact: 0917-875-1154 or 0960-456-6873 (Reservations are highly encouraged) Open daily Mondays to Sundays from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

( Off the beaten path in Tagaytay is a new restaurant worth adding to your list of go-to Tita spots; think the type of place you can while away the hours sitting pretty on comfy seats surrounded by lush greenery, enjoying the cool breeze, catching up with loved ones, and most importantly, munching on good, honest eats. This is exactly what My Country House is all about.

Right along the same Tagaytay side street as the Raintree Hospitality Group's popular Farmer's Table is this picturesque garden restaurant. With a main seating area dotted with plush seats and big tables decidedly meant for gatherings, a sprawling garden with tall trees and flowers abound, and even three pet American Silky chickens just walking about, this is exactly the type of place you would feel at home in. Throw in their hearty eats and you'd be more than willing to stay the day.

The steps leading up to your home for the day. PHOTO BY MIA RODRIGUEZ

Walk in and be greeted by a massive open space. PHOTO BY MIA RODRIGUEZ

The perfect setting for a family meal. PHOTO BY MIA RODRIGUEZ

As Martin Wisniewski of the family behind Raintree cheekily tells us during our visit, the spot gives off the same vibe as the home of a rich hacienda-owning tita you might have had growing up. You'd happily go off to a family reunion there since you know you'll be treated to great eats and an afternoon of just vibing.

Take a walk through the gardens. And yes, they do private events as well! PHOTO BY MIA RODRIGUEZ


Aptly enough, My Country House happens to occupy an old rest house of a family that reached out to the group. “As soon as I saw the video of the home, I said ‘done’,” shares Wisniewski. The main dining area is built in the family's old home, and a walk through the gardens will reveal the old grotto. They've even kept some of the old furniture, like a massive dining table still in place for guests of what is now My Country House.



What to eat at My Country House garden restaurant in Tagaytay

The menu of My Country House focuses on eats you can share with loved ones. For starters, pop the Cheese Gougères (P350) into your mouth; try to stifle a smile as the light pastry puff gives way to a cheery parmesan and basil cream mix. Take a bite into the more savory side with the decadent Seared Foie Gras Canapés (P975). These foie gras-topped sourdough crisps are kept vibrant with your choice of either fig jam, pineapple preserves, or apple relish.

Pop these little puffs into your mouth. PHOTO BY MIA RODRIGUEZ

Foie gras is always a yes in our books, especially when seared so wonderfully. You get three of these chunky bits of foie gras with different preserves with every order. PHOTO BY MIA RODRIGUEZ

This place being Tagaytay, don't miss out on your fair share of veg. Try the Miso Bagna Càuda (P395), a bright and vibrant take on fondue originating from Italy: a platter of fresh carrots, brocolli, lettuce, beets, and more served with a bowl of miso butter anchovy. Grab a bit of veg and dip it into the almost sinful and rightfully salty miso butter mixture and you won't even miss the cheese. Right up there on the list of pretty plates alongside the veggie fondue is the vibrant Burrata & Beets (P550). This one will satisfy all your cheese needs with a healthy ball of milky burrata on top of roasted sweet beets, fresh herbs, pistachios, and for a bit of a tangy twist, fresh dalandan.

Proving healthy isn't boring is the bagna càuda. PHOTO BY MIA RODRIGUEZ

This burrata salad serves more than just looks. PHOTO BY MIA RODRIGUEZ

Truffled Mushroom & Cheese Cappelletti (P650) will add a bit of pretty to your table, too, alongside all the flavor. Pasta dumplings stuffed with spinach and mushroom are ladled unto a dish, then covered with a creamy pecorino sauce and even more mushrooms. Add in the earthiness of truffle and you've got a plate that while full of rich flavors, retains a certain lightness that will keep you wanting more.

Try to get every element of the pasta in one forkful for the perfect bite. PHOTO BY MIA RODRIGUEZ

Now this being a family place after all, they made sure not to scrimp on the big plates. Give the Paella Saffron Seafood (P1,100) a try if you're group is of the seafood-loving sort, what with generous portions of prawns, mussel, squid and more. The Lengua Estofado (P795) is sure to please even those averse to the thought of munching on tongue; slow-braised till unbelievably tender, the ox tongue is smothered in a thick sauce with wild mushrooms, spanish chorizo, green olives, and even crispy jamon serrano.


Lengua so gorgeously plated, even the finicky would be tempted. PHOTO BY MIA RODRIGUEZ

Nothing says "family meal" quite like the Country Chicken Relleno (P995). A hefty platter with half a chicken stuffed with olives, pimientos, sausage, spices, and more, then covered with au jus, this is the perfect dish for sharing. One bite will take you back to past Christmas gatherings. Chef's Famous Melting Salmon (P795) does not lie. As in the name, a hefty cut of fish is cooked low and slow until, still slightly dark pink in the middle, each bite melts in the mouth. Flavored brightly with white miso and Asian herbs, this chunk of salmon goes a route you might have never had before.

The relleno is a true taste of home. PHOTO BY MIA RODRIGUEZ

Melt-in-your-mouth salmon. PHOTO BY MIA RODRIGUEZ

The Classic Dark Chocolate & Pistachio Souffle (P595) is a brilliantly light way to end a heavy meal. Served with vanilla bean creme anglaise, a spoonful presents a subtle mix of cacao and a hint of nuttiness.


Each dish at My Country House is a testament to the skill and technique of the kitchen, as led by Chef Arnold Gozon. With more than two decades working with the Raintree Group, he tells us the secret to each dish: time. There are no shortcuts in his kitchen; and in the same way food is allowed the time it needs, My Country House is the type of place that invites you to allow yourself time as well. Slow down, breathe easy, eat well, and enjoy.

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