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Welcome to Raintree Catering


Our expert team of professionals are committed to providing you a seamless event whether it be a corporate or social affair. We are fully equipped and can cater from intimate socials, small executive meetings, to large conferences, and even grand celebrations.

Hosting an event is a breeze as we aspire to provide an extraordinary experience. We keep you involved from planning down to the implementation. Packages are fully customizable with options for your chosen theme, decor and menu. We go the extra mile to listen to your preference and offer suggestions the way we know best.

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Raintree Catering aims to be your top choice when it comes to events, ensuring that we only provide you with utmost quality and excellent service. Let us be your partner in serving delectable memories with your friends, business partners and loved ones.



Browse through some of our sample catering packages that are suitable to your event requirements


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The Team

Meet our experienced executive chefs who will curate your catering menu. 

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Chef Kalel Chan

Meet Chef Kalel Chan, whose journey began with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. After graduating, he embarked on an exciting culinary adventure, joining the pioneering team of the esteemed Raintree Restaurant’s M Café. Hailing from the proud province of Ilocos, Chef Kalel's culinary prowess quickly earned him recognition, propelling him to the position of Corporate Chef within The Raintree Hospitality Group, where he specializes in crafting both Asian and Western delicacies.

Chef Arnold Gozon

Meet Chef Arnold Gozon, a culinary maestro whose skillful hands bring gastronomic delights to life. With more than 30 years experience and an impressive background in the food and beverage industry, Chef Arnold has honed his craft through years of experience working with renowned hotels and esteemed culinary teams, now the Executive Chef within The Raintree Hospitality Group. Chef Arnold's commitment to using only the finest and freshest ingredients is evident in every bite. He believes in letting the ingredients speak for themselves, elevating each element to its fullest potential.

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Reach out to us so we can begin planning your catering menu. Send us your contact details so we can get in touch with you!

Our Catering Team will contact you soon!

For inquiries, contact 0917.816.6061    |     0917.840.5467    |    |
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