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happiness in a cup

It is known that New York City has a sea of specialty cafes that offer perfectly handcrafted coffee and beverages that people from all walks of life enjoy. Raintree aims to recreate this warm experience in Manila and led them to open New York Café. Calling itself as a quick-service beverage shop, New York Café offers a wide array of drinks such as cappuccino, espresso, ice-blended drinks, and refreshing juices. This café is definitely the go-to place for friendly service that is also particular about what’s in the cup they serve.

specials, Deals, & events

Available in 5 different locations:

Food & Art Galerie, GT Tower

Food Odyssey, LKG Tower

Food Patio, PBCom Building

Laza Food Court, Zuellig Building

Food Hub, BDO Corporate Center

An innovative brand of:

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