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Japanese Comfort Food

From the kitchens of Motto Motto

& Izakaya Sensu

Motto Sushi.jpg


P150 Japanese Rice Bowls

Chicken Teriyakidon | Grilled Chicken + Teriyaki Sauce


Butadon | Sweet Soy Pork Belly


Katsudon | Panko Fried Pork Cutlet Katsu with Egg + Dontare Sauce


Oyakodon | Chicken Thigh Bits with egg + Dontare Sauce


Karaagedon | Japanese Fried Chicken + Mayo


Spicy Dynamite Karaagedon | Japanese Fried Chicken + Sriracha Mayo + Unagi Sauce


Pork Shogayakidon | Thin-Sliced Pork Belly + Stir-fried Cabbage + Shogayaki Sauce


Chicken Currydon | Chicken Curry + Vegetables


U.S. Beef Gyudon | U.S. Beef Shortplate with Egg + Dontare Sauce

Motto Takeout Bowls Photo 2.jpg


P175 All served with Japanese Rice, Miso Soup, Vegetable Yasai Itame, Pickles, &, Dessert

Buta Saikyoyaki | Sweet Miso-marinated Pork Belly


Pork Shogayaki | Stir-fried Cabbage


Chicken Teriyaki | Teriyaki Sauce + Sesame Seeds


Katsu Curry | Panko Fried Pork Cutlet with Japanese Curry


Karaage | Japanese Fried Chicken + Mayo


Salmon Katsu | Panko Fried Salmon Mince


U.S. Beef Teppan | Vegetable Stir-Fry

Motto Bento 2.jpg


6 pcs per order. All served with wasabi, Japanese soy sauce, + pickled radish

California Maki | 220


Futomaki | 250


Ebi Tempura Roll | 295


Tamago Maki | 195


Pork Katsu Rolls |  295

Motto Sushi.jpg


Good for 3 - 4 persons

Assorted Sushi | 1100 


Assorted Yakitori BBQ Skewers | 1475

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